Simple Pleasures

In spite of the difficulty and negativity that goes along with being bipolar, it’s not always darkness and pain.   There are good things that happen regardless of mood.  It’s hard to remember sometimes, but there are the simple pleasures of life that transcend any mood.

Watching a sunrise.  The stillness and quiet as a new day begins.
The beach at night.  The comfort of hearing the ocean, the coolness of the sand, the perfect combination of darkness and light.
The beach at night.  Even better when you share it with someone you love.
A gentle touch.  We all need that connection to others.
Twizzlers!.  ‘Nuff said.
A good Scotch and a cigar.  Not for everybody, but a relaxing way I pass the time.
The mornings’ first cup of coffee.   Good to the last drop.
An afternoon nap.  We all deserve a little bit of lazy.
Dancing.   Always remember to dance!
Dancing.  Even better with someone you love.
A new Sharpie.   The crisp letters and that funky smell.
The smell inside an old barn.   Ah, the memories.
A road trip.  Whether an old favorite or someplace new.  There’s something about an open road.
A new romance.  I’m going to miss that one.
Sending someone flowers.  SEE: A new romance.
Laughing until it hurts.  Usually over the stupidest things.
Hearing a favorite song.   Happy or sad, it can stir your soul.
A first kiss.   *sigh* (I need to get off that line of thought)
Being with my kids.   Because they’re never too old to be my babies.
Watching the stars.   Harder and harder to do, but I know places.
Sleeping in your own bed.  Especially after a late night out or a long trip.
Sleeping in your own bed.  Better with someone you… well, You know.
A new toy.   There’s just something about a boy and his toys.   No matter how old he is.
Being happy.  Because there’s always a way.

The list can go on and on.  Because there are always things to bring comfort and pleasure.  Short lists or long, common or unique: we all have them.  Some things remain constant.  They’re called simple pleasures for a reason.  They’re easy, they’re natural, and they help keep us sane.  Sorry if this sounds like a bad personal ad (Long walks in the moonlight…  LOL) but it is what it is.    Enjoy one (or more) of yours today.

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One Response to Simple Pleasures

  1. Moon light shining through the tree. The smell of a fire. Two new ones to add to my list. I am so happy you have found the joy of Simple Pleasures. It is something that has helped me for years to manage my “funks”. Even at the worst of times when you can sit down and start listing them in your head…the light gets brighter as you fight out of that black hole.


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