Living Large

As many know, life is not all gloom and doom or bouncing off the walls.   There are upsides to this crazy trip we call Bipolar.  For me, there are periods of ‘normalcy’ where life is good.   There is also a state where the mania is fun and the possibilities are endless.

Energy!  Productivity! Creativity!      Sleep?  I don’t need no stinkin’ sleep…  I’ll be darned if I’m going to waste my time lying in bed when there is just so much to do.  I mean, how else can you put in a full days’ work and still have time for the parties and dancing if you have to stop for rest?   And when you have so much to say, so many jokes to tell, so many REALLY good stories… It’s a heavy responsibility to keep friends and coworkers entertained, but damned if I’m not up to the task.  It’s a blessing to be so good at it.  Leave ‘em laughing I always say.  

There’s a guy at work (Kinda grumpy) who for whatever reason keeps a stuffed Fozzy Bear on his desk…  What fun it is to have ‘ol Fozzy to play with when he’s not there.   He’ll come in and find Fozzy holding his phone receiver with a notepad and pencil.  Or hog-tied with an apple in his mouth.   Or hanging upside down from a rope around his foot, with a sign that says “Improve your attitude or the Bear gets it!  Quite a hoot!  My coworkers can’t wait to come in every day and see what Fozzy has been up to. 

Shopping is fun too.  I’m not one to spend uncontrollably (like SOME People) but I do love interacting with the sales people.  Just to put a little joy in their otherwise long and boring days.  When they ask “can I help you” you can say “well…I’m a little behind on my bills…I’ll take a check”.  They love that!  Shopping can be a great way to meet people too…  You go in to the men’s department and stand in front of the tie rack like you’re completely lost.   When the pretty young sales girl comes over to see if you’re OK, you tell her that your ex-wife always picked out the right combination of ties to go with your shirts, but since the divorce you just didn’t have a clue, and could use some help.  It works with random women who may be shopping for (Or with) their husbands.  What a great way to open a conversation!  And who knows…maybe this time you’ll get lucky and come away with her phone number! 

And the night life!  Dancing like John Trivolta and thrilling the crowd with your slick moves.   And my moonwalk is just amazing!   It’s a shame it intimidates the ladies so much though… none of them seem to want to dance with me.  But it’s OK, I’m secure enough to go at it solo.  And it’s great to be able to enjoy knocking back the scotches to loosen up and liven up the place.  It really gets’ the party going.   It’s a pain in the Butt to have to take a cab home, but you know how these local yokel cops are.   Jerks.  But I have plenty of money, so I can give a big tip to the cabbie for being so nice while he gets me home. 

Yep… Life is good!   Living Large!  Having a Blast!  Who cares about the consequences, they’ll take care of themselves.   Live like today is your last day. 

It very well may be.

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